Cockroach Pest Control

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Cockroaches are carriers of diseases such as Salmonella, Dysentery & Gastro-enteritis, it is vital to get in touch when an infestation has been discovered so we can arrange an assessment as soon as possible.

Cockroaches are very tough insects and their ability to breed rapidly makes professional treatment essential to control any infestation. Only expert products and solutions are powerful enough to eliminate all stages of their lifecycle.

If you have noticed an unpleasant, lingering odour under sinks, behind appliances or in store cupboards, it’s time to check for signs of cockroaches.

Signs of Cockroaches

Some common sighs that show a cockroach problem:

  • Cockroach droppings - If little water is available cockroaches will produce brown/black cylindrical droppings, approx. 2mm long.
  • Smear marks - If water is abundant cockroaches will produce brown and irregular shaped smear marks. Check for marks on horizontal surfaces and at wall-floor junctions where cockroaches scuttle along.
  • Unusual smell - A cockroach infestation produces a lingering and unpleasant smell that covers items they contact.
  • Shed skins - Cockroaches shed skins 5-8 times as they mature to adults. These shed skins are usually found close to where the cockroaches are hiding.
How To Get Rid of Cockroaches

Our service begins with a thorough inspection of your property. We will then advise on how we will resolve the cockroach problem.

  • BPCA certified - We are qualified and experienced professionals to resolve your cockroach problems.
  • Expert knowledge - Using our understanding of cockroach species, we will seek out all potential hiding spots. Once the type of cockroach infestation has been established, we will use the most appropriate treatment (sprays, gel baits, dusting powders) to eliminate the problem safely and effectively.
  • Convenient times for visits and treatments - Our customised treatments will be best suited to your needs and most effective for your unique cockroach problem.
  • Professional prevention advice - Our Technician will highlight areas of cockroach infestation and where proofing is needed to prevent further problems with useful prevention tips.
  • Long-term support - We will arrange follow up visits (if required) to re-treat the identified hiding spots at an interval that coincides with the hatching time of the cockroach egg cases (oothecae). Our work is not complete, until your problem is fully resolved.
Cockroach Prevention

Preventing cockroaches from infesting in your property:

  • Eliminate food sources - The most effective way to deter cockroaches is to deny them food, water and shelter. To get rid of them, get rid of what sustains them
  • Clean - Clear all waste food and liquid spillage, cleaning up food debris from food preparation areas, under sinks and appliances. Remove pet food, drink and litter trays before nightfall.
  • De-clutter - Cockroaches release an aggregation pheromone in their droppings telling others they have found a safe harborage. Remove old stacks of newspapers and magazines, unused cardboard boxes and all other forms of clutter from the floor or bottom of cupboards where these pests have easy access.
  • Take prompt action - Without specialist knowledge and equipment, cockroach control can sometimes be very difficult. Contact us for a quick and painless solution to the problem.

Cockroach Species

  • German Cockroaches

    (Blatella germanica)

    The German cockroach (Blattella germanica) is a small species of cockroach, typically about 1.1 to 1.6 cm long. In colour it varies from tan to almost black, and it has two dark, roughly parallel, streaks on the pronotum running anteroposteriorly from behind the head to the base of the wings. Although it has wings, it can barely fly, although it may glide when disturbed.Of the few species of cockroach that are domestic pests, it probably is the most widely troublesome example.

    It is very closely related to the Asian cockroach, and to the casual observer the two appear nearly identical and may be mistaken for each other. However, the Asian cockroach is attracted to light and can fly rather like a moth, while the German cockroach cannot.

  • Oriental Cockroaches

    (Blatta orientalis)

    The oriental cockroach (Blatta orientalis), also known as the waterbug, is a large species of cockroach, adult males being 18–29 mm. It is dark brown or black in color and has a glossy body. Oriental cockroaches tend to travel somewhat more slowly than other species.

    They are often called "waterbugs" since they prefer dark, moist places. They can often be found around decaying organic matter, and in sewers, drains, damp basements, porches, and other damp locations. They can be found outside in bushes, under leaf groundcover, under mulch, and around other damp places outdoors.